Eskimo Dance


Line Up

Rude Kid 6pm
AJ Tracey 6.45pm
Elf Kid 7.10pm
President T 7.25pm
Solo45 7.40pm
Wiley 7.55pm
P Money 8.20pm
Fekky 8.35pm
Devlin 8.50pm
Kojo Funds 9.10pm
Abra Cadabra 9.25pm
Stefflon Don 9.40pm
Chip 9.55pm
Ghetts 10.15pm

The epic pivotal grime event, Eskimo Dance is back and better than ever bringing you that 140bpm vibes to the SSE Arena, Wembley.

It’s the first ever arena show, and rightly so after its huge success on previous occasions the brand has accomplished since its inaugural return. The most pivotal live experience, Eskimo Dance has played a significant role on the lives of essential UK artists today. Throwing complete and absolute support for the culture, Eskimo Dance is not only for the fans but for the artist to cater to the fans on another level. It’s the only place you can witness first hand the purity of British music.

After arriving early to hopefully capture the atmosphere, we faced difficulty in gaining access backstage and the press for photos, the night was packed with screaming fans who got excited by not only their favorites songs but when their favorite Mc’s would hit the stage. Missing several performances we managed to finally get backstage to salvage and capture what was left of the night. To my surprise it seemed like we were just in time.



Many who know me, know that I’m a man of lyrics, energy and performance though I’m not his biggest fan I must say I was thoroughly impressed with how Fekky took to the stage. I had always heard Fekky was amazing to watch live but never believed the hype. Now I see why he’s just a mad man on stage and it helps that his music mainly just gets you hyped up and ready for anything.


Kojo Funds

To be honest I wasn’t surprised Kojo Funds got the reception he did when coming out to perform. His rise to being one of the top artists in UK has clearly been shown through his work rate and responses on social media. He is constantly getting spins on radio, community and his commercial awareness is a testament that he’s clearly here to stay. All iPhones were out with the flashlight capturing the essence that is Kojo Funds and the crowds were singing along to his music.  There were two obvious songs that stood out and made the crowd go really ballistic and that was “Warning”, one of my personal favorites by him and it seems I wasn’t alone with a chorus such as “ 1 time, 2 time what you tellin’ me dawg it’s like whoahh ohhh.” This song is an automatic club banger. The next song would obviously be “Dun Talking” and for that he had to bring out Abra Cadabra.

IMG_7425 IMG_7417 IMG_7407

Abra Cadabra, Steff London, Chipmunk, had an equal amount of time on stage, each artist showing up with their entourage, increasingly displaying support which is important and healthy for the scene. The excitement for new music eludes us from these three but it’s always good to hear the songs that got them to the point they are at now. In past years, Eskimo Dance has increased in size, stature, brand, and overall awareness. The London sound provides selling out tours over the country whilst travelling to Europe and hosting festival stages.

The man of the hour for me was Ghetts but you know what I’m not going to say anything click on the link below for some footage that link up TV captured.

What would Eskimo Dance be without the self proclaimed GODFATHER that is Wiley? Wembley welcomes the godfather with open arms in an immediate uproar after his introduction. The majority of the songs he performed were from his new album. Not that I’m complaining but it would have been nice to have heard some of his old school tracks. Nonetheless, the songs coupled from the album are timeless and the fans knew every word. Thank you Wiley for coming out and blessing the stage you will always be the godfather no one can take that away from you.

2017 Eskimo Dance reach all new heights, taking the experience to Wembley arena with an exciting selection of some of the finest talent.

Photo Credit: TA.VISUALS