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Rushy joins Samuel Eni on his week show on Reprezent Radio, to discuss his brand new EP, performing at wireless this year, going viral and making music that he loves. First ever time on Rep he quickly get comfortable with the presenter, Samuel welcomes him and tells him how much he likes his music and is impress with Rushy growth. Rushy understands and appreciate Samuel’s recognition excited to be invited and speak about how he got started and why.

“I would just make music with my boys, were a collective always experimenting I wouldn’t box myself in i make all types of music.” Being young Rushy makes a minor error on radio which Samuel acknowledges and later apologies to the audience for Rushy slip of the tongue quote.

We should be seeing a new video from the new tape but Rushy still is undecided as to what song he should release, he did acknowledge that Harder was his favourite track off the project but doesn’t seem to give much clarification only hints at that song could be a possibility for his next release amongst others too.

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