Samuel: This year been crazy, how has quote un quote, quarantine and lockdown been productive for you?

Louis York: We’re in the same scenario as Mya of course we had a lot planned a lot of international stuff planned, for us this year, so when that shut down we just decided to keep on trucking and be creative me and Claude actually didn’t take any time off, quarantine hit started on that Friday in Nashville and that Monday we were back in the studio doing 6 days a week, ever since then. We’ve been creative not just with music but also our visuals tiny book clubs, we workaholics.

Samuel: How do you guys know each other, how did the relationship form and when can we hear more from you?

Chuck from Louis York: I met Mya through on her kiss album and it was released internationally, but that’s how we started working together and we’ve kept in contact and been collaborating ever since.

Samuel: Do you think that the state of is relevant still in today’s world?

Mya:  I can start with that question, there are a lot of platforms that distribute music nowadays so you actually have to search for good music that exist RnB have never been dead they’re amazing artist like jasmine Sullivan, letocy, hermusicofficial! And the list goes on it may not get the mainstream support, because culturally were in a different place as far as what’s been played on mainstream radio. But there’s also XM radio and so many other platforms and playlists but it’s out here, Tori Kelly just amazing voices and musicians so erm RnB is always going to be alive because its real music real feeling and emotion and composition.

Claude from Louis York: We feel the same way, I mean the three of us a part of what’s keeping RnB music alive, we believe in RnB music even when they said it wasn’t hot, when it was hot we always knew it was, and so I don’t think any of us here don’t do what we don’t believe in and we believe in black music we believe in soul music and we also believe black people should be doing whatever they want and however they want that freedom to be creative.  That’s the topic of the day now they’re talking about what Brandy and Monica just did, the number they did, more than anything the numbers are record breaking, so much about the power of black women, the power of RnB music the power of singing and so were just here to be part of that movement.

Samuel: Mya congratulations are in order celebrating 22 years this year, what was that experience like touring in the UK?

Mya: I was actually touring in the UK the year before but they were more so spot dates and the year before that I was at the indigo, but it’s been a minute the tour was amazing and stadiums with other acts and that was a lot of fun running to each other in the hallways and having lunch, but it was a short tour and in the middle of covid 19 but also, we returned to the states the day after the lockdown happened or the travel ban happened but I’m h

glad to have made it back, I’m glad to have been on tour right before the lockdown in the us because I actually don’t miss touring right now even though I love it, for the first time in my life I’ve had to be stationary and its allowing me to dig a lot deeper without distractions so that’s the bonus side.

Samuel: The concept behind that, what led you to releasing a song like that?

Louis York: it was the first single for our album, and just musically I was trying to get back to a good place I’m a real student of earth wind and fire and so you hear that in the production, and a real student of expressive male voices and we have the know how to kind of do any kind of music we want. So, don’t you forget we wanted to create that 2020 barbecue music were excited about that song its streaming well.

Samuel: As time has passed your inspirations when you started music have changed, so with everything that’s gone on now, what’s inspires you to make music today?

Mya: To me music has always been therapy, something that I couldn’t necessarily articulate something I could always feel as a young girl. It was very healing the core changes in music obviously the expression and the lyrics you tap into a part of yourself that you don’t learn about in school and that’s the spiritual side and so when its elevating of course there are so many wonders that it can do for the human spirit, your physical body your mind and its healing. So, it raises your vibration, when it has those intention of course and being that were all creators here today to birth something into the universe that can assist people on that journey and that ride, and to make a little easier for a moment in time is a truly blessing, and to share it on a worldwide platform is a privilege. But on a personal note its always been therapy for me, I have a lot of music that I haven’t released into the universe, so it can serve in many different ways but the magic when you see people singing those songs or writing you to see what it done in people lives.

Samuel: Louis York was formed in 2015, individually you resume is incredible so what made you guys come together as a group?

Claude from Louis York: I think that we were ahead of the curve, in the reasoning behind Lois York and even working with Mya, it’s been a long time since musician have been reminded that were needed and unfortunately you forget that, about 5 years ago were having real conversation with our friends, something just felt like there’s more that’s needed the songwriter needs to get deeper the melodies need to get truer the performances need to be brought back to the real and that is was what made us form Louis York.

If you love music like the way we all love music, then you always want to make sure your honouring it the right way, and that you have a purpose you’re not just doing it to fit in a box or to follow a trend, we wanted to be the change that we want to see.

Sam: What exclusive can you tell us? What can we expect as the audience as people who are a fan of your music?

Louis York: I don’t want to say too much lol

Mya: Let’s just say we’ve been working on things for years, a glimpse of what we’ve been working on is out right now it’s called a space in time it is a Lois York production, it was recorded in 2018 and we released it this year, I called the guys to release this it feels like the right time, I’ve song for a couple virtual performances and the responses has been amazing I shot the video in my backyard. And that’s all I’m giving you right now lol

Claude from Louis York: I will say this about Mya, I’m a fan of her work ethic the fact that she’s able to read the room, and have the flexibility to put out the song like space and time when the world needed it is what makes her a special artist. Because a lot of the time there’s so much red tape, and contractual political BS. Us not just as artist but as creators have a hard time getting music out to the world that fits the time because there’s so much stuff in the way. So Mya reached out to say that this song needs to be out now, you have to give people kudos and credit for when they’re doing things for the right reason, and I’m very proud how collectively we were able to deliver something at the right time for people.

Sam: Mya is definitely not trying to give out anything exclusives today lol

Mya: Hey let’s talk about electric blue room.

Claude from Louis York: check out electric blue room y’all It’s something special I’m really enjoying editing videos and I never thought I would. He is the social media king the camera king and I’m on my headphones doing music.

Chuck from Louis York: clearly that’s not true, now he’s like spike lee he’s getting angles and stuff and I’m just over here trying to keep up, it’s cool though because you’re learning in this time to use all your gifts, to your point on being at home Mya it’s just allow us the time to figure that out.

Claude from Louis York: because you be paying people thousands of dollars to people for something you could of did yourself.