Lavinya Stennett, Talks The Black Curriculum, Teaching Black Kids, Challenging Schools, & More

“The Black Curriculum is an initiative that works to teach Black British history to 8-16 year olds around the country, all year round through a range of art forms, to improve a sense of belonging and identity as well as to raise attainment” The teaching of Black History isn’t mandatory on the national curriculum.

Today’s British schools consist of third and in some cases the fourth generation of Black Caribbean pupils in the UK. Enhanced educational opportunities should have been realised by now. The majority of Black Caribbean children in schools in England are sharing the higher educational standards attained by the most successful pupils, yet not achieving the same results.


The Hero of the month for Samuel Eni is Lavinya Stennett whom he invites down to Reprezent for his weekly show, and discuss more about what the black curriculum does and their goal.

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