Big Zuu Talks We Will Walk EP, Being More Than An MC, Going On Tour, Collaborating With Capo Lee Etc



The Grime MC has come along way from Radar Radio, he’s an artist that is always vocal about himself and society, we dive in to find out how he approaches his music, collaborating with Craig David, JME, Capo lee and others. He speaks on evolving as an artist and how he doesnt make music for the masses, he felt like there were points he needed to address on we will walk EP.

Fresh off his own tour and touring with KSI, Grime MC Big Zuu, alongside DJ Jampak will be joining Santan Dave throughout the sold out 9 day joint which is no doubt a major way to bring in a new audience. Our UK music scene continue to make, great strides to greatness and long may it continue! AND NOW he has his own cooking show coming to Dave in 2020.

Big Zuu will host the series, cooking for a different touring stand-up in each episode. Ten episodes of Big Zuu’s Big Eats have been filmed for broadcast early next year, with comics including Desiree Burch and Rosie Jones.