23 Unofiicial, New Project, Travelling, Enhancing His Sound, Torn 2, Plays Guess That Track, & More

23 Unofficial, an artist who is forever a student of the game, Samuel congratulated him on his comeback to music after releasing a few in such a short space of time from late last year to the beginning of this year. 23 comes highly recommended as an artist who carved out his own name whilst breaking in the scene 2016.

During the interview Samuel uncover why he he took time out of music, what he was doing and what is to come next in which 23 candidly responds to. He speaks on collaborating with Sharna Bass on Torn 2, he’s view on the scene now and how its developed and change since his been.

The interview has a natural and friendly manner/tone which is what Samuel does bests with all his guests, they also play Guest That Track, a game that every guest relishes the challenge to complete, Samuel will be continuing with more high profile names as they play all types of games when they come look out for him this year.

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